Freehope Playstation 3 Theme Complete!

So, it is finished! You can download the theme for your PS3 HERE (click on the word “here” if you are using a browser that isn’t showing that it is a link). It is a 2 MB download, compressed in a .rar file, so you will need a compression utility like WinRAR or Winzip to get the .p3t file (which is the theme file) out of the .rar. To install it, follow these steps:

  • Extract the folders from the .rar file
  • Put the folders onto a USB Flash drive
  • DO NOT alter the folder structure, or your PS3 won’t find the theme!
  • Plug your USB Flash drive into your PS3
  • Go to Settings -> Theme Settings -> Theme and choose “Install”
  • Select your USB Flash device
  • Your PS3 will locate the Freehope theme on your USB Flash drive if you did not alter the folder structure
  • Click on “Epoch Art – ‘Freehope’ Theme
  • The Theme will now appear in your list of Themes
  • Select the Theme from the list and click “Apply”
  • Done!

I think it turned out okay; I was a little disappointed how my Sony Bravia HDTV kind of accentuates the bump mapping on the screen a little too much, but this was the first time doing this so I guess Continue reading “Freehope Playstation 3 Theme Complete!”

Freehope Playstation 3 Theme

This may be the very first time this has ever been done as far as I know.

Freehope Playstation 3 Theme
I am about halfway through making a static Playstation 3 theme, featuring Kendra from my Freehope comic. The icons and background are finished, I just need to create an alternate version for SD, since this size is the HD version, then compile the whole thing and test it out. If it works out well, I will likely create more. And who knows; I might even open it up for requests!

What I really wanted to do was create a dynamic PS3 theme rather than a static one, but it seems that Sony isn’t interested in allowing the average end-user to create dynamic themes. The static ones, on the other hand, they are all about it. They provided me the tutorial, icon sets, and Continue reading “Freehope Playstation 3 Theme”