Store changed to only free items

Unfortunately due to issues with the PCI compliance since the beginning of January, i’ve had to disable all purchasable items except the free items.

By doing it this way, you can still download your older comics.

In the meantime the website will be copied and that copy will be completly migrated to new versions.

All of december I made the website PCI complaint again… with a lot of going back and forth with the person that check the website. But suddenly since the scheduled scan of januari the 11th it was wrong again and not easily fixable.

All the links in the slider will lead the Affect 3d website so you can still purchase the comics if you want to.

Sorry about the sudden issues, it supprised me too.

I’ll keep you posted.




The Dossier Series Bundle

Good news for those of you whose crippling frugality has kept you from purchasing any of my already low-priced Dossier Series image sets: Today we’ve added a bundle of the first three sets in The Dossier Series for only $19.99! That’s over 15% in savings (technically it’s 16.6%, but who’s counting?). So now your cheap-ass has no excuse. Get to the store today, pick up the bundle, and enjoy over 150 images of hot and sexy porn action! Your wallet (and your cock) will thank you.

… I call dibs on Cock Wallet as a band name!

Store Going Down (Ha!) Temporarily

We need to take the store offline temporarily to swap out our SSL certificate with a different one, as we make changes to our backend beta site that will roll out to live soon. One of the big changes will be a fix for the registration error that was generating 404s, even when registration completed successfully. The other ‘fix’ is that we are redoing the way the newsletter registration works, since my webhost is requiring double opt-in. So you will all need to re-register for the newsletter when that change rolls out live. If you don’t want to get our newsletter, that’s fine… but who’s to say you won’t miss out on access to an exclusive gallery just for newsletter subscribers? Oh, wait, that’s me… I’M to say that. No newsletter subscription, no exclusive gallery. Capiche?! Continue reading “Store Going Down (Ha!) Temporarily”

The Store is Now Live!

That’s right, everyone… The store is officially live and chock full of goodies! Well, not quite ‘full’. In fact, it’s rather barren. But it’s running, it’s been tested and found to be working in all browsers, and Clara Ravens Episode 3 Epilogue is there waiting for you to get your hands on, as well as the Dynamic Comic Viewer! So I’ll save you a lengthy ranting blog post as I’m sure you’re eager to get to the first official DCV-enabled comic, so click on the banner above or click the store link and go get yourself some Clara!

Big thanks to the two guys who’ve been working tirelessly over the last couple weeks helping me get this up and running, despite working late nights to 3 a.m. at some points. I literally couldn’t have done this without you guys, and you deserve the recognition even though I know you’d rather stay anonymous. Thanks a ton!

Oh lastly, if/when you buy the comic and have had a chance to read it, please drop by the store again and leave a review of the product for other potential buyers. But please, keep it spoiler-free!

EDIT (10/22/12): We’ve identified a problem with the credit card plugin in Google Chrome that causes an essential script not to run during checkout, thereby removing the credit card field and not allowing the customer to complete checkout. We are investigating a solution and recommend using Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari to complete you sale. (Issue has been solved).

Additionally, I’ve reset a few downloads. Note that downloads are set to 3 attempts for each individual product, and download link expire in one week’s time, so be sure to download your purchases right away and email me through the “Contact” box if you are having problems. You can get to your account page here: I understand you are spending your hard-earned money for my stuff and I want to make sure that you are able to get it!