Look Who I Found!

Kendra 2017Currently working on a short commission for Epoch Art‘s resident man-in-charge Xipomus, featuring the oldest character in the our catalog, Kendra Blake of Freehope! That commission will be finished and posted soon, but before I even started on it I decided to actually sit down and get poor Kendra up to speed with my current cast of characters in terms of visual fidelity. But, in the process, I managed to create a skin shader that absolutely blew me away! I made versions of it to satisfy sweaty and standard skin conditions, and think this may be my new skin shader for ALL of my characters. It uses subsurface scattering (like all of my previous skins do), but contains a much more subtle skin specularity that adds hugely to a realistic skin look under all lighting conditions. Take a close look at her skin’s reflectivity in certain spots and you’ll see what I mean. Continue reading “Look Who I Found!”

Poll – Clara’s Texture Update

I had myself a long, stress-free weekend of relaxation, so I apologize for not posting anything for over a week. But I wanted to  offer up the redone texture for Clara with the new areola/nipple texture and adjusted skin tone, and allow you all the opportunity to vote to either keep the new texture, or go back to the original.

So the clear winner was texture #5 from the poll post I ran last month. A lot of people wanted no change, but opted for #5 due to the fact that they most resemble Clara’s current areola. #1 was also a close contender, so I went ahead and did a version of the redone skin texture with those as well for you to vote on.

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Clara Ravens Episode 3, Part 1 – Now Available

Clara Ravens - Episode 3 Sample 6

You’ll finally be able to start enjoying the third installment of the Clara Ravens comic series starting today, but due to the length of the episode, you might want to know the following bit of information before you head over to crazyxxx3dworld and sign up (if you’re not a member already).

Because of its length, the site owners at crazyxxx3dworld wanted the story broken into smaller parts, to be presented over a period of several days… possibly weeks. I didn’t design the story with breaks in mind, so I decided to stop at location changes in the story. So this episode will be unique in that it is technically one episode, but you won’t be able to read it all in one sitting like you could with episodes one and two. Continue reading “Clara Ravens Episode 3, Part 1 – Now Available”

Clara Ravens – Update #1

Clara Ravens - Teal Outfit, Dirt & CutsWhile I’m waiting for a frame to render, I thought I’d drop some updates on Clara Ravens episode 3.

First, I am truly gunning for the end of February as a release. This will likely be the longest of the episodes so far, but I think I should be able to hit my self-imposed deadline due to the fact that it is all I am focusing on since I’ve lost my job. I was laid off a few weeks ago, along with hundreds of other employees at my company, so I have a lot of free time on my hands. I want to reserve this post for focusing on Clara Ravens, so I will update you all on my future plans in a later post. Let me just say for now that this might be a blessing in disguise.

So, as you can see from the attached image (another subsurface scattering render), Clara is changing to a teal/brown outfit for this latest adventure. This is what she will look like towards the end of the episode after an awesome battle scene. I used AlfaseeD’s wonderful Sisterhood Skin .psd textures for adding cuts to Clara’s skin. I didn’t use his texture with the dirt/grime Continue reading “Clara Ravens – Update #1”