Dossier 10 camera pics and wally *update 21 april*

As I promised, i looked through the archive for the camera pics.
Unfortunately because they where small pics there where never rendered till completion and “low” res.

Included are all the camera pics (only had the images not poses) and wallpaper which was rendered from the view of the camera.

Hope you like it.

Dossier 10 Clara Camera 1










Dossier 10 Clara Camera 3






Dossier 10 Clara Camera 4
Dossier10 Clara Camera 5


Clara Dossier 10 Camera Wallpaper









FYI I hired somebody to have a look at the website, so hopefully it will be fully up and running again within a few weeks, so I can focus on other stuff, like finishing Clara Ravens Ep 1 HD


*update 27 march*

Second pic fixed

*update 31 march*

Finally got done doing my taxes. So i needed a pick me up. Found one of the scenes that’s close to the camera view 5 above. So rendered it out. Enjoy.

Clara Ravens Dossier 10 Cam view Suck and Fuck






Clara behind 33






*update 21 april*

Added a page 33 of the comic on request of Chaoticvdg.

See the comments below.

Under the Finery: Coming Saturday, June 11th

Dossier 010: Under the Finery - Coming Saturday June 11th, 2016Dossier 010: Under the Finery finally has a release date… and it’s this coming Saturday! So be sure to set some time aside to check in with everyone’s favorite treasure hunting beauty Clara Ravens as she gets taken advantage of by a fellow treasure hunter… or does she? We all know Clara is as cunning as she is hot, so will she really get taken for a ride by this old acquaintance and his perverted assistant, or will she be the one pulling the strings? Or will they both end up doing each other dirty? Or will I continue to mix even more metaphors? You’ll find out this Saturday!

So enjoy this final piece of promotional art until the release date, and let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Talk to you all again this Saturday!