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Kendra Blake of FreehopeDeep in the mountains of Connecticut is a very old converted sanitarium, now used as a boarding home for wayward teenage girls. The facility, like its inhabitants, is rather disheveled. Here is where our protagonist Kendra Blake finds home for reasons she doesn’t disclose. Soon after she arrives and gets settles, she is alarmed to discover that the girls in the facility are treated like sexual toys by the guards. She plans her escape, but before she can execute her plan, she discovers a mysterious book…

The Freehope series is a comic I’ve been developing over several years. The story itself is largely finished, though the comic itself only has five episodes so far. I imagine it will take at least ten to fifteen to wrap up the entire story. It is a somber tale, filled with forced sex and tragedy. Not for the faint of heart! If you like dark, psychological stories with a mysticism element, this story is for

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