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Got Dot Com? Check.

Epoch-Art.com!!Since the day I started my first blog on Google’s Blogger platform more than a year ago, I had been trying to acquire the domain of epoch-art.com. The name was parked but not in use, so I had to bide my time and wait for it to expire and try to win it in a bid.

Well, the domain expired in April of this year and after some work, I’ve finally got my hands on the domain! Right now it is only forwarding to epoch-art.net, since the domain registrar is different from my current registrar and my current registrar won’t allow transfers of newly acquired domains. So, for now, you can use epoch-art.com and it will forward to epoch-art.net, or continue to use epoch-art.net. After 60 days, epoch-art.com will be it’s own URL that will route here. So bookmark either, but I’m going to start all of my SEO work on epoch-art.com, so it would be better to bookmark that one.


Another ‘First Person’ Render

First Person Perspective RenderThis time of year is always busy for many people with the upcoming holidays looming over everyone’s head. I’ve been busy with Christmas shopping, work, this new commission project, and Skyrim (not necessarily in that order). However, I found myself unable to sleep for whatever reason last night so I made this new ‘First Person Perspective’ render featuring a new character with her own custom morphs and a brand new texture I picked up (then heavily modified, of course). I think she may be the ‘base’ morph I use for my models going forward, but I haven’t decided for certain just yet. All I can say is, I enjoyed the challenges of making this character because it wasn’t easy. Due to the custom body morph, I had to create unique morph targets for her bikini (of which she’s only wearing the top


Welcome to Epoch Art!

Now that my semester at school has concluded, and I have just finished my most recent comic for my client www.crazyxxx3dworld.com, I have some free time to finally build my blog. I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile, with so many CG artists out there doing fantastic work and sharing it with the public, but haven’t had the time. Thankfully, that time has finally arrived.

First, I should preface my blog with a bit of a background so you can see where this art/inspiration comes from. I fell in love with computer generated art after seeing Toy Story, the first full motion picture that was 100% computer generated art. I wanted to get involved, but had no background in CG or idea where to start. Ironically, while looking for information on software to get me started, I found a website that had erotic CG art, created using Poser 4. Having never seen anything like that before, it was an immense turn-on, and I picked up Poser 4 right away. This was back in 2002.I began learning the software, making CG art as best as I could, but I felt compelled to work more on the erotic art than just standard art. The stock Poser human models were so low poly back then and had horrible deformation at the joints, but a company I soon discovered named Daz3Dhad created higher end human characters for my renders, with lots of morphing capabilities.

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